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Please Help Choose Seminar Topics

Craig and the Financial Services Team offer several financial management seminars throughout the year. These seminars are educational with no cost or obligation. Here is a list of topics:

Asset Allocation - How important is asset allocation to portfolio performance.

Creating a Financial Plan - A detail financial roadmap to your retirement.

What to do When a Spouse or Loved One Dies - Organizing your finances, filing a final income tax return, settling an estate.  What things to do right away and what can be put off until later. 

Estate Planning - Putting your financial house in order. Make sure your beneficiaries inherit your assets.

Retirement Rollover Options - If you have money in a 401(k) plan, deferred compensation, or even KPERS or KP&F, this seminar will discuss your options.

Sandwich Generation - Caring for aging parents and growing children at the same time.

Identity Theft - How to help protect yourself before OR after you've become a victim.

Social Security - The present state of Social Security and what it means to you.

Medicare - How it works and what you have for options.

Alternative Investments - What they are and if they make sense for your portfolio.

Long Term Care Insurance - What it costs, what it covers, and if you need it.


If you would like to attend one or more of these seminars, just fill out the "Contact Us" form and let us know which one(s) you would like to attend. We will let you know when that seminar is scheduled. Also, if there are other topics you are interested in, just let us know!